Homeless, workless, broke, education in progress?

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Hey, first: sorry for my bad english. :D

I am sorry for you for not getting Bafög. But maybe you could try to live at your friends place until you finish the school. Or you search for a job you could do at the evening and at the weekend. Does your family support you; do they give you the money for school? Is it possible for you to get a credit?

If nothing will work, I think you just can go back to Spain.

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Hola Bayernresident5,

la primera idea que me ocurre es el Sozialamt. Si no te pueden ayudar, seguramente saben quien te puede o adonde ir.

De momento también podrias pedir ayuda inmediata en la Bahnhofsmission. Deberias tener una cama primero ¿no?

La segunda idea qué podrias hacer para ganar un poco de dinero es dar clases particulares ¡Hay tanta gente interesada en aprender español!

Por favor cuéntenos como te va ¿vale? Y disculpa que mi español ha empeorado tanto con el tiempo 😐

¡Muchissima suerte!

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Hi, nice to meet you!

Did you talk with the principal/teacher about your situation at school? Maybe he/she could help you or you contact " die Bundesagentur für Arbeit". It's an agency for work in Germany. Did you tell your family anything?

Hope I could help you!

PS: You're English is good in contrast to me

Good luck!

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I'm sorry, but I can't give you any specific advise, where you could find any financial support. It's seems to me perfectly understandable, that German authorities wouldn't fund your education though. Of course there is always the chance of working - late hours perhaps. You are perfectly allowed to do that in Germany.

I'm just wondering why you don't get any support from your family or the Spanish goverment? How do you pay for your school anyway? It would be unfortunate, if you couldn't finish school - especially since you already paid for it. Perhaps your school administration can be helping.

If it comes to your housing situation, you might want to go to "Sozialamt". They should be helping you. Perhaps you want to try a students dormitory. At least they are cheap.

Good luck to you!

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