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Hilft mir leute! Ernst gemeinte frage! (Bild)?

Hallo zusammen! Ich bin 17 was nicht wichtig ist aber egaal, das ist jetzt ernst gemeint; in die Oberstufe. In englisch sollten wir einen essay über ein bild und unsere eigene präsentation davon. Ich hab folgendes Bild genommen...! Am montag muss ich abgeben. Was denkt Ihr, ist das okay??? Falls ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge habt, nehme ich sie gerne an. 
"So, if you'd ask me what this picture says to me, I'd tell you there's lowkey a deeper meaning of this pic. That girl, has her head in a barrel. The Barrel could be filled with water or wine as well, we may never know it. She's either trying to cool herself down from the heat, also that she's only wearing a kind of a bra and a mini rock explains a lot. Maybe she's too hot. Or the other version which is literally my own version of it, is that she's drowning. My eyes see a girl who is overthinking too much. Her head is like a tunel, the further you go the darker it'll get. She's maybe tired of everything, so the only solution is to sink in the water the way she sank in her own thoughts. Also the colors of the picture tell you a lot, it is a pale white n' black picture. Maybe it's because of the way she sees her life and the world, which in this case is black and white. Some see life in a trillion colors meanwhile there's the people who see it just in white and black. Yall may know that white represents peace and black represents sorrow and pain. And if we mix it together there's a life in peace with the world but not with the mind. Short captured; living in peace with sorrow and pain. So let's get to the actuall topic, the fact that her head is painted in black means that she's living in struggle and pain. But if you see closer, in the middle of the black there's some white, little stripes of white. In reality it is just her ponytail but to me it is something more than that: Maybe she's still hoping that she'll conquer her enemie which is her own mind, so she's lowkey hoping to get rescued. To not forget is her body position, to me it makes the affect that she's tired and done with everything and that she's not confident at all. In reality we all die a little bit, every single day and I think it's frustrating how people tread each other bad without thinking what they could do to that person. Because your mouth is a gun, you can eithef shout or protect yourself with it. But saddly some choose shouting over protecting. Long story, short capture: The challenge is to silence the mind. " - danke im Voraus

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Du hast doch eben schon gefragt

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Keine ernst gemeinte Antworten bekommen ... :)

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das wird sich jetzt auch beim wiederholten Fragen nicht ändern

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Merk ich ... :-/

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