Frage von silly94 24.11.2011

Hilfe beim ins englische Übersetzen?!

  • Hilfreichste Antwort von mangobaeume 24.11.2011
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    Since you will probably receive numerous reports, your question as to why I would like to participate in this project is justified. I can answer this as follows: Firstly, I think that this project is a good thing that will, at last, add some colour into to boring school day. that in itself is readson enough to participate in this project. Furthermore, the project offers perfect opportunities to gain new experiences, to inprove one's foreign language skills and to meet new people, perhaps even make new friends, and to have a lot of fun. Apart from that, I should like to take the opportunity to travel abroad free of charge, knowing full well that it doesn't really come for free but will entail hard work, time and effort.

  • Antwort von AstridDerPu 24.11.2011
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    so funktioniert das hier nicht, ist eine Ratgeber-Community und kein kostenloses Übersetzungsbüro.

    Wenn wir dir das hier machen, lernst du nichts. Dein Motto sollte Learning by doing sein, dann klappt's auch in der Englischarbeit.

    Wenn du schon mal in Vorleistung gehst und deine Übersetzung hier zur Korrektur einstellst, wird man dir sicher gerne helfen.

    Dazu benutzt du am besten ein gutes (online-) Wörterbuch, wie z.B.,, usw.

    :-) AstridDerPu

  • Antwort von Megafischface 24.11.2011
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    "Since you are probably very many reports are received, your question is right, why I would like to participate in this project, the answers I can give you. First of all I think this project is a good thing that finally malwieder some color to the drab school life brings. that alone is reason enough for me to participate in this project. Moreover, the project offers excellent opportunities new experiences to broaden his knowledge of foreign languages​​, meeting new people (and maybe even new friends) and hopefully a lot of fun to have . I would also like to take advantage of the opportunity for free travel abroad to be allowed, knowing that it is not really free, but costs a lot of work, time and energy. "

  • Antwort von Igor2000 24.11.2011
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    Because you are probably got a lot of reports, your question is entitled, why I would like to take part in this project. I can give the answers to you: As the very first I find, am this project a good thing which brings, finally, malwieder some color in the dreary school everyday life. This only is already to be taken part reason enough for me in this project. Desweiteren offers the project Optimum possibilities to collect new experiences, to extend his foreign linguistic knowledge, to get to know new people (and maybe also new friends) and to have fun hopefully also a lot. In addition, I would take up with pleasure the possibility to be allowed to travel for free of charge abroad, well knowingly that it is not really free of charge, but a lot of work, time and energy costs.

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