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Hilfe beim Englisch "Comment" (Grammatik und Vokabular)?

Hallo liebe Community, ich habe zu morgen eine extrem wichtige Hausaufgabe auf und habe die schon fertig geschrieben, wäre aber gut wenn da nochmal jemand rüberschaut, der Ahnung davon hat. :/

Briefly before most of us finish school, there comes up the question which company will be the perfect one for an apprenticeship. Should it rather be a small and familiar enterprise or a big and international one? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of both?

One of the biggest advantages in a smaller company is that you´ll have a better overview about all the departments and what the company does. That means that each employee has an overview about what his colleagues do. This allows him to solve problems faster because everyone knows everyone and so you immediately whom you have to contact.

Another fact for working for a smaller company is that you´ll have a better chance to get noticed by people in company who matter. In principle, the boss has a better bond to his staff and may react differently on each employee. That means, for example, that the boss appreciates the work of the individual more as in a big international company and maybe therefore the employees will earn more money.

But there is also a personal benefit for employees in a small company. Because a company where everyone knows everyone hasn´t only a benefit for operating procedures, it also has even a benefit for social life. Because in small enterprises there are more company trips which should make the teamwork stronger and there are also some familiar christmas parties and so on.

But there are also disadvantages to work for a small company. These disadvantages are mostly advantages for working in big and international enterprise.

An example for this is that you´ll have lots of special benefits in international companies. For example you´ll have the opportunity to connect your working life with your private life. Many big companies have their own fitness studios, kindergartens, lounges, were you can chill out, and so on. The most small companies can´t offer things like these because they haven the possibilities or money for it.

Another aspect is that you´ll become a member of a large community and you´ll work with colleagues, partners and customers worldwide. For many young employees this is a great chance to interact with different cultures and personalities. Maybe you will even have the chance to see many places on earth because you have to travel because of your job. This is also something which the most small companies can´t offer.

Finally I came to the conclusion that both of them have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore bigger isn´t always better. But a big company often has benefits which a small company will never have. One example for that is, that bigger enterprises offer mostly higher salaries. At least there is to say that everybody has to decide by his or her own what is more important for oneself and their apprenticeship.

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also vokabeln musst du regelmäsig lernen und die gramitik kannst du gut durch hilf bücher lernen

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