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Hi Leute, ich halte diese woche ein 5 min englisch Referat und ich hab ein text verfasst weiß aber nicht ob es richtig ist?

The game
A team consists of five players in Europe per team, there are different positions, as well as in football. As a rule of the five players, two behind who defend the basket, a media player to be called center and two players forward.

Each team has a trainer and coach assistants.
For fairness a referees, which consists of two field umpires, and three or four other assistants on the sidelines makes.

In order to play the ball, there are different rules. The ball carrier itself can run with the ball, but can not keep the ball in hand, but only touch on the ground, that is the so-called dribble. If he holds the ball in hand and run, it may only run two steps, otherwise there is a the other team step error and becomes the ball carrier team. The other way is to pass the ball to a teammate. The aim of the game is to throw the ball from the top of the basket. For the Mannschft gets two points. If the shooter outside the semi-circle, the three-point line is one of the union three points. If a player is fouled during a throwing action, he must at the free throw line. He has two free throws, each transformed counts one point.

Now the other team gets the ball for a throw to the rear out line.

Each offense is punishable by a loss of the ball. In addition, the player who has fouled gets an endorsement on his account. After his fifth foul, the player shall be excluded for the remainder of season. Basketball is a game that prohibits any contact. Holding, pushing, shoving, blocking or hitting punishable as foul, and foul.

Of course there are ways to block out the opponent or to,but the rules are very strictly

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Habe kein Bock es durchzulesen :O

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