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Hat jemand Informationen über das Australische Outback?

Ich brauche ganz dringend Informationen über das Outback,also Daten wie z.B. Das Outback gibt es schon seit 50,000 Tausend Jahren.

Danke im Voraus!!

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1. Quotation

Only the tyranny of the distance and the control of the width.

There aren’t any compromises”

2. Where and what is the Outback?

The Outback is translated as “the land outside the door”. There is no really civilization because most of the inhabitants live on the coast. On the south and east coast they live between Adelaide and Cairns, on the west coast in the area around Perth and on the north coast around Darwin. The Outback is often dangerous, because it is unusual hot and dry, but still there is a fascinating beauty.

3. Deserts and Lake Eyre

Great Sandy Desert – 260.000 km2

Tanami Desert – 184.500 km²

Little Sandy Desert – 111.500km²


The Red Desert – Hot hell of Australia

ü      Landscape predominated by the colour red

ü      Large stream of red sand from northwest corner of Australia to it’s heart in southeast direction

ü      Sturt nation park in the centre of Australia

ü      Aborigines immigrated from Southeast Asia 40.000 years ago

ü      Large number of low-growing trees offer food, resting and nesting places to great variety of birds

ü      Eucalyptus tree belong to the most resistant trees we know

ü      Many different kinds of reptiles

ü      Thorny Devil: spines are arranged that water runs to the mouth




Tasmania Devil


6. Alice Springs and the Stuart Highway

The Stuart Highway, also called “the Track” is about 3000km long. The Stuart Highway goes through the Outback of Australia from Adelaide to Darwin. The Scott John McDouall went this way in 1862.

7. Life in the Outback

The medical supply of the widespread farms in the Outback is the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


Because Australia’s nature is segregated from the other continents, it developed strange ways to survive in the hot climate of the Outback. This is one reason why people are fascinated of the Outback. For many people the Outback is an adventure. They drive with trucks or caravans through the Outback to see the empty wilderness. At night they sleep under the Southern Cross and the huge ocean of stars.

“In the Outback you can’t run for shelter, you have to wear it!”

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Dein Satz über das "outback" ist unsinnig., denn das Wort "outback" gab es erst, als die ersten WEISSEN Siedler Australiens begannen, das Hinterland zu erschließen.

Das Gebiet, das man HEUTE "Outback" nennt, gibt es schon seit mindestens 2 MILLIARDEN Jahren.

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Let me look this up on wikipedia for you:

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... und unten gibts noch ein paar weiterführende Links.

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