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Hallo kann sich jemand mal den Text durchlesen und schauen ob er richtig ist denn ich hab bald eine englisch Prüfung und möchte diesen Text dazu nehmen?

Hello my name is .... and today i would like to tell you something about my favourite film Honey. First i would like to tell you something ybout the actors and the director of the film and in wich year and who the film is played. Second I will tell you something about the film Honey. Third I will tell you something about the main characters and about the special effects. At least I would give you my personal opinion to this film. Honey is a dancefilm who is played in New York in year 2003. The actors are Jessica Alba, Lil´Romeo, Mekhi Phifer, David Moscow, Joy Bryant, Laurie Ann Gibson and Missy Elliot. The director of the film Honey is Billie Woodruff. The story is about a woman their name is Honey who is life in New York and dreamed to made a career as a hip hop dancer and traveled around the world. Honeys mother they called Connie, didn´t accept Honeys dream. She want that she take the dancestudio from her mother and also to were a ballett dancer on this dancestudio and study kids. Some day a moviepr and sirector they called Michael Ellis detected Honey in a danceclub, it seems that her dreams come true. Honey choreographing music videos from Micheal until he importunated Honey and she gave him a sleep on his cheek. Micheal shoot Honey and break up the musicvideo. She wants to do it anymore to help the kids in her neighbourhood and buy a dancestudio for them. Honey and her friends Gina and Chaz do with Honey a fund-raiser and it is an success, so she can buy a dancestudio for the kids that they were come out from the street. The two main characters in this film are Jessica Alba they played Honey Daniels and Michael Ellis as him. Today Jessica Alba is an american actor and model and she is 34 years old and had in year 2008 married Cash Warren and has two kids with him. Michael Ellis is an US-american actor and he is 41 years old. First in the film I find the music special because the songs sounds really good i found and it is my kind of music i hear. Second i find the dance appearances special because when they dance it gives you that feeling that you want dance with them. At least I found the history of the film special because it is so emotional and anyway at the end of the movie so happy when the fund-raiser was a success and Honey can buy a dancestudio for them. To sum up, I love this film because the story i find is so wonderfull and after you watch this film you want to dance and the music made a good mood i find. My favourite scence in this film is at the end when te fund-raiser is an success and their has collect lots of Money to buy a dancestudio. People who like dancefilms and a bit of drama will also love this film.

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Diese "Aufgabe" für die Antworter hat einen Umfang, der meiner Ansicht nach jeden zuträglichen Rahmen sprengt.

Gruß, earnest

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Es würde zu lange dauern, alle Fehler aufzuzählen.

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