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Hallo, brauche Hilfe bei meinem Tagebucheintrag in Englisch. Ist alles richtig formuliert?

Dear diary, on Tuesday we went to London. It was the first trip to London and we started at 8 o´clock after the breakfast. We all were very excited to see something about London and learn who which sight is and how it looks like. After we arrived at 10 o´clock we went to a boat. We had very nice whether so we were very happy to spent time at the Themes. We saw a lot of sights like the Big Ben or the Tower Bridge. After the boat trip we had some free time so we ate a sandwich and went to the supermarket. It was cool to see the typical shops and we bought a handmade chocolate at a small shop. It was very tasty and I wish we have this in Germany, too. After our time without the teachers we made with our bus a sightseeing tour in London with a women, who lives in London. She told us a lot of the London history and we saw the Buckingham Palace. It was very beautiful and we made lots of photos with it. Also we saw the expensive shops in London like Chanel or Burberry. If I can I would buy all the clothes in the shop because they are so nice. After the tour we made a stop at a supermarket and bought us some food for the way to the hostel. We drove 2 hours and after we arrived we all were very tired and went to our bed directly. It was a very beautiful day at our first time in London and I will never forget this day. In Love Pia

von GGHyperX, 24

It was intresting to see the typical shops würde ich bevorzügen

von GGHyperX, 20

Who which sight was soll das bedeuten??

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