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Dear Host Family,

First of all I want to (= wollen; besser would like to) thank you for reading this letter. In this letter (Wiederholung; zu einem Satz verbinden) I want to (s.o.) introduce myself and tell you something about me, my family, my friends and my life.

My name is Emili Kretz, I am a 15-year-old (young) woman (---), born on the (wird nur gesprochen, nicht geschrieben) 26th of (wird nur gesprochen, nicht geschrieben) June 2001.

I live in a spa (town; health resort) called Bad Oeynhausen in Germany. In the spa town (Wiederholung; zu einem Satz verbinden) life (Grammatik) about 48.000 people, and there are many beautiful places like the “Kurpark”, (---) downtown and other places (Wiederholung; umformulieren) which you should see by yourself (Ausdruck).

With my parents and my little sister I live there (Satzstellung).

Now, I want to (s.o.) tell you more about me (Grammatik). I go the Realschule Süd and my favourite subjects are maths, english (RS), social science and art.

The school isn’t so large so there (Formulierung; hier fehlt ein Verb) about 450 students and the school (Wiederholung) is only 1 kilometer away (Wort; von wo entfernt?), so I go by (Präposition) foot.

My grade point average at the end of the 9th grade was 1(Punkt)9.

Now I will go into (Verb, Präposition) the 10th grade.

In my free time I like reading books, watching films and going out with my friends. My favourite book is Divergent by Veronica Roth and my favourite film is 42 by Brian Helgeland. With my best friend Lena (Komma) I go often (Word Order) to the Kurpark, to the downtown (s.o.) or for a walk if we have good weather (= Denglish).

Also (Komma; kein optimaler Satzanfang) I like painting or drawing in my free time.

The only hobby that I had was dancing, but because of my kneecap (wegen deiner Kniescheibe? Ich habe auch 2 Kniescheiben und kann trotzdem tanzen.) I can’t do it anymore. I danced my whole life and different kinds of dance (Grammatik). Now, I want to (s.o.) introduce my
family. My Mother (RS) is called Ekaterina Kretz and my father is called
Waldemar Kretz. They are both 37 and are married (Grammatik) since 1997. I have a little sister called Evelyn and she is 12 years old. We both go to the same school. With my parents and my sister (Komma) I live in (Hier fehlt der unbestimmte Artikel.) flat with a living room, a bath room (RS), two bedrooms and a kitchen.

In der Regel ist dies die englische Satzstellung:

(Zeit) S-P/V-O (Subjekt-Prädikat/Verb-Objekt)-Ort-(Zeit)

Das Fettgedruckte muss korrigiert werden. Ich hoffe, ich habe nichts übersehen.

Für das Vokabular und die Rechtschreibung empfehle ich ein gutes (online) Wörterbuch, z.B.,

für die Grammatik und - und Finger weg vom Google Übelsetzer und seinen tr.tteligen Kollegen!

:-) AstridDerPu

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So vom Inhalt ganz ok du musst aber was an der Grammatik ändern das da einige Sätze nicht ganz korrekt sind 

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...I am a 15-year-old young woman (ich finde "girl" hört sich hier besser an)...In the spa town live about 48000 (den Punkt benutzt man im Englischen, wenn bei uns ein Komma wäre) people and there are...I go to "Realschule Süd" and my favourite subjects are Maths, English, Social Science and Arts. The school isn't really big, so there are, I walk the end of 9th grade...into 10th grade...I often go to the...if the weather is good. I also like...My mother...37 years old

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