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Fahr-mit-Reiseclub-Blemen, how to cancel this trip in smart way?

I was stupid and careless.. After I answered several question to Gewinnspiel in Internet, a letter came with yellow marked description "Herzlichen Glueckwunsch, Herr XXX Sie zahlen fuer bis zu 4 personen 0.00 Euro!" "Der wert dieser Reisen betraegt jewells 299Euro pro Person. Ihr Gewinnsumme ist 4 x 299Euro = 1196 Euro" and I made reply marked expecting date and destination to them. And then, Invoice came with AGB document. Astonished.. After that I learned that I hadn't read well the back side of this letter there is a sentence "Bearbeitungsgebuehr in Hoehe von neunundvierzig Euro fuer den Reisegast". Someone tell me how to cancel this in smart way?? Shall I better ignore this? Or better visit LawFirm? I only expressed expecting date and destiny and no concrete plan and no real AGB attached in the first letter...

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You can write an answer, telling the people that you want to revoke your contract, because they didn't provide the AGBs before you made the contract. 

As far as i know, you have the right to revoke any contract made by telephone or internet within 14 days without any reason.

If the company doesn't respond, you should ask a lawyer.

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I follow your advice. It's helpful!!

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Die Frage hattest Du vorhin schon gestellt. Nimm das englische raus, so wird sie vermutlich wieder gelöscht. Dies ist eine deutsche Frage-Seite.

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