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Eure Musik playlist?

Hey, ich brauche wieder eure Hilfe. Für meine playlist brauche ich dringend neue Lieder. Schlägt mir mal paar Lieder ; Albums oder Interpreten vor.

Danke schon mal im voraus

von Blackbloodband, 8

-Abonimabel Putridity: The Anomalies of Artifical Origin

-Aborted: The Necrotic Manifesto

-Acranius: Dishonor

-Aeon: Path of Fire

-Allegaeon: Elements of the Infinite

-Analepsy: Dehumanization by Supremacy

-Benighted: Carnivore sublime

-Beyond Creation: Earthborn Evolution

-Born of Osiris- Soul Sphere

-Breakdown of Sanity: The last Sunset

-Burning the Masses: Mind Control

-Caliban: I am Nemesis

-Cannibal Corpse: Tomb of the Mutilated

-Cattle Decapitation: The Anthropocene Extinction

-Cephalic Carnage: Misled by Certainty

-Cranioromy: Supply if flesh came just in time

-Cryptosy: Cryptopsy

-Dark Fortress: Veneral Dawn

-Decapitated: Blood Mantra

-Decaying Purity: Maligant Resurrection of the...

-Deeds of Flesh: Portals to Cannan

-Deicide: In the Minds of Evil

-Devourment: Conseived in Sewage

-Disentomb: Misery

-Dying Fetus: Reign Supreme

-Emmure: Eternal Enemies

-Facebreaker: Dedicated to the Flesh

-The Faceless: Autotheism

-Fallujah: The flesh Prevails

-Flesh Consumed:  New Order of Intelligence

-Fleshgod Apocalypse: Labyrinth

-Gutfed: The Reign of Pure Madness and...

-Guttural Slug: Megalodon

-Hate Eternal: Infernus

-Job for a Cowboy: Sun Eater

-Kalmah: Seventh Swamphoniy

-Kataleps: Autopsychosis

-Knights of the Abyss: The Culling of Wolves

-Kraanium: Ten Acts of sickening Perversity

-Kronos: Arisen new Era

-Lamb of God: Resolution

-Lost Dreams: Blinded by rage

-Made of Hate: Out of Hate

-Make them Suffer: Neverbloom

-Man must Die: Peace was never an Option

-Neucrophagist: Epitaph

-Neuraxis: Asylon

-Nile:What should not be Unearted

-Noumena: Death Walks with me

-Obscura: Omnivium

-Oceano: Ascendants

-Omnium Gatherum: New World Shadows

-Ouroboros: Glorification of a Myth

-Putrid Pile: Blood Fetish

-Putrified J: The Last Harvest

-Reciprocal: New Order of the Ages

-The red shore: The Avarice of Man

-Rings of Saturn: Lugal Ki En

-Rivers of Nihil: Monarchy

-Rose Funeral: Gates of Punishment

-Saprogenic: Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs

-Six Feet Under: Crypt of the Devil

-Skinless: Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Death

-Slamophiliac: Aphelion

-Slaugther to Prevail: Chapters of Misery

-Spawn of possession: Incurso

-Stillbirth: Global Error

-Suffocation: Pinnacle of Bedlam

-Suicide Silence: The cleansing

-Thy Art is Murder: Holy War

-Viraemia: EP

-Volturyon: Coordinated Mutilation

-Vulvodynia: Cogniznat Castrigation

-Winds of Plague: Resistance

von nowornever15, 13
  • Bryan Adams - Brand new day
  • P!nk - Today´s the day
  • Maria Mena - I don´t wanna see you with her
  • Avicii - Waiting for love
  • Kelvin Jones - Call you home
  • Silbermond - Leichtes Gepäck
  • Lukas Graham - 7 years 
  • Robin Schulz - Show me love
  • Jason Derulo feat. Jennifer Lopez & Matoma - Try me
  • Coldplay - Adventure of a lifetime
  • Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran - Lay it all on me
  • Jack Savoretti - The other side of love 
von Luk12, 13

Kommt darauf an, was du für Musik hörst. :D Ich höre z.B. KSHMR, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (...) gerne! :D 

Kommentar von Alecsa2000 ,

Danke Ach ich höre eigentlich alles

von itsjustme3, 10

Was hörst du denn gerne für Musik?:)

Kommentar von Alecsa2000 ,

Alles mögliche, bin offen für neues

Kommentar von itsjustme3 ,

okay also das wären so meine lieblingslieder vielleicht gefällt die ja was:) between the bars - elliott smith, oh miss believer - twenty One pilots, first day of my life - bright eyes, war of the worlds - get cape. wear cape. fly., to the janitor, to the King - the world is a beautiful place and i am no longer afraid to die, I forget where we were - ben howard, otherside - macklenore and ryan lewis, from Russia with love - fences, dry your eyes - the streets, come on eileen - midnight dixie runners, blackbird - the beatles, daydream - the smashing pumpkins, blood - the middle east, ghost - Laura marling, last hope - paramore, Boston - augustana, casimir pulanski day - Sufjan stevens, I will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie, in the aeroplane over the sea - neutral milk hotel, fall asleep - steel train, the less I know the better - tame impala, monster lead me home - sarah hartman, San franciso - stu larsen, .... icu könnte jetzt tausende aufzählen aber das ist eh schon sehr viel :)

Kommentar von Alecsa2000 ,

vielen dank, ich werde direkt mal in die Lieder rein hören

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