Englischtext durchgucken und kontrollieren?

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Hi Mike,
thanks for writing back. Your holiday photos are fantastic.

My best holiday was in Dubai last year. It was amazing and the best holiday ever. I flew to Dubai with my parents and siblings. Every day (auch Everyday) we went swimming at the beach. Furthermore, we visited the city and went shopping. I bought many things, for example new red shoes and a new bag. In the evening we ate very good food at the resturant. I loved the food there! Moreover, we went to cinema together. The film was in english and (so) I didn't understand all. We often ate ice cream together because it was very warm. We met a lot of new people there. The most people are friendly and helpful. The best thing in dubai was the food. I really enjoyed my holiday.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Best wishes

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I spent my holiday in Dubai last year

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ist eigentlich alles gut, aber:                                                                             The film was in English and I didn't understand everything. und der Satz danach ergibt nicht viel Sinn, ich würde aus dem because ein but machen oder so. Und Dubai großgeschrieben. sonst alles gut denke ich

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