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Englischen report korrigieren?

Hallo! Ich schreibe demnächst eine wichtige Arbeit in Englisch und versuche nun als Übung einen guten report zu schreiben. Da ich aber leider nicht weiß ob dieser Anfang bis jetzt grammatikalisch richtig ist, wäre es lieb, wenn mir irgendjemand bei der Korrektur helfen könnte. Wäre wirklich sehr wichtig. Danke!

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This report is intended to present the relationship between results of a study on participation in sport and the obesity admissions to hospital. The aim of this report is to call attention to the urgency of making sport.

The Findings

In a study of children and adults, we found that 86 % participate in sport as a child and only 53% as an adult. These results are a little bit worrying. Furthermore is the obesity in another study a very great theme. This study shows that people in the age from 35 to 74 most frequently suffer from obesity. The graph of this study clearly shows that the number of people who suffer from obesity increased twice as fast in the years 2001 to 2011.

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"doing sport" oder "working out / exercising", nicht "making sport"

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