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Englische Sport Zitate?

Hey Leute,

Kennt ihr ein paar Englische Sport Zitate? wie Trainiere hart  ( Nur halt auf Englisch)

von flowerjs, 26

You miss every shot you don't take - Wayne Getzky

von DumbledoreWoW, 17

"Be prepared to burn before you shine” – Tavi Castro

von Raylobeen, 19

Pain is something you don´t have to fight, but you have to train.

Albert Einstein:

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.

The Future belongs to them, who believe in the beaty of their dreams

von IbanezP, 8

No pain no gain, Pain is weakness leaving the body, Pain is temporary, pride is forever, Shut up and squat,
I'ts not about the car you're driving, it's all about the size of the arm, hanging out the window, i do because i can.

I can because I want.

I want because you said i couldn't, nothing great comes without a sacrifice

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