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Englischarbeit 8.Klasse?

Wir schreiben morgen ne Englischarbeit über Whaling und Alaska. Hat jemand vllt Übungen. Dolmetschen oder Textschreiben.......... Danke im Vorraus!!!!!

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Früh bist du darn - am Sonntag aber sollte der Schüler ruhn!

Da sind ein paar Adressen, wo etwas über den amerikanischen Walfang bzw. Alaska drin ist:

von kilos,

übersetz das mal: The capital city is Juneau, but the biggest city is Anchorage. Alaska is the biggest state in the United States, but it almost has the least people. Alaska has almost 20% of all the land in the U.S., but only about 0.2% of the people. It is not connected to any other states by American land, but it is connected to Canada.

Alaska has many glaciers, some of which are can be seen from passing cruise ships. Some are coastal, and others are not by the ocean. It is a popular tourist destination, as there is a very rich culture along with beautiful scenery. There are many wild animals in Alaska. Some of them are the brown bear, the moose, and the wolf.

There are some important industries in Alaska, like oil, fishing, mining, and forestry. Oil is the biggest industry in Alaska. Most of the oil is very far north in the Alaskan arctic. A very long pipeline starts at the northern coast of Alaska and runs to the southern coast. It is over 800 miles long. There were many gold rushes in Alaska.

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www.wikipedia/ englische version

Kommentar von kilos ,

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