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Englisch Vortrag Grammatik?

Ist der folgende englische Text grammatikalisch korrekt oder nicht ?

My own car In this short talk I would like to introduce to you my own economic car. This car goes with the help of wind and the sun. With my ecological car the radiation of the sun becomes by the Solar records which are mounted on the roof of the car converted in kinetic energy. Besides, approx. 10 percent won energy are lost by warm energy. The wind drives in the car two turbines which convert also produced warm energy into kinetic energy. The car should be released from 2018 to sell and from a sum of 40,000 be available.

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In this short presentation, I would like to present my own environmental
car to you. This car isn't like the most of the other cars, which are powered
by gas. It's powered by wind and sun. The solar radiation gets converted to
kinetic energy by solar plates on the roof, and the turbines have to do the
same with the wind. So, you don't just save the money for gas, you also help
the environment. This car will be available from 2018, and probably cost

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Vielen dank :) Bekommst dann morgen den Stern ^^

Wenn ich dran denke :p

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Kein Problem! :-)

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