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Englisch Text verbessern für Vortrag?

Könnt mir jemand diesen englisch Text na h Fehlern untersuchen ?

In my presentation, i will talk about yeezys Does somebody heart before from yeezys ? Yeezys are shoes, designed by Kanye West. It exist many differently Yeezys but first. Who is Kanye west. Kanye West is a rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, designer and owner from his own Music label. He is born in Atlanta and grew up in Chicago. He started with produce songs for rapper like jay z and since 2003 he makes his own music. Than he founded his label und slowly started with own fashion lines. His label exist since 2004, his Name is „GOOD Music“. In the label are great artists like Big Sean, John Legend, or Desiigner. All musicians in GOOD Music were really successful, after West signed they as No-Name artists. And this intuition for music, is the reason why kanye west is regarded as one of the significant artists of the 21 century. Furthermore, He is married with Kim Kardashian by which he has a son and a daughter. But back to the the theme, how i said, Yeezys are shoes designed by Kanye West in a Collaboration with a brand. Before Kanye showed the first Yeezys, he made shoes with Bape (this is a japanese streetware clothing company) and with Louis Vuitton. But in 2009, Kanye West released the first Yeezy in a Collaboration with Nike. The Name is „Nike Air Yeezy“. In a Distance of 3 months, he brought out the Nike Air Yeezy in 3 colorways. On the first April in the color Zen Grey, on the second May the colourway black-pink and on the first June in the color Net. The price in the stores was 215$ but the problem of all Yeezys till this day is that they are really rare. That’s the reason why you can’t get Yeezys without camping a few days before release, in front of a store. So you can only get Yeezys from reseller if you not want camp. The resell price in 2009 was between 1000 and 2000$. Today the resell price of the Nike Air Yeezy is between 5000 and 20 000$. The „Nike Air Yeezy II“ would released on the 13 April 2012 in the colourways Platinum and Black. This was the first Online Release from Yeezys, on they was sold out in a few seconds. The store price was 215$, and the resell prices are the same like the Nike Air Yeezy. After these, it would quit about the Yeezys. And than after a few rumors Nike released the colorway Red October from the Nike Air Yeezy II on the 27 December 2013. No one had expected this, it was cloak and dagger operation, because Kanye West signed at 3 December 2013 a new Collaboration Deal with Adidas but Nike had still a other Yeezy Design from Kanye . The Red October was the biggest success. The store price was the same like by the other colorways but the resell prices was sick. A few days after Release, somebody bought a pair Red october on ebay for 16 Million $. The first months after release the prices were between 50 000 and 1 000 000 $. Today the prices are between 5 000$ and 50 000$.

von Livid, 23

Das brennt mir in den Augen.

Das Ding wird dir niemand ganz korrigieren. Ich hab's versucht, man müsste aber den KOMPLETTEN Text neu schreiben und niemand hier wird deine Aufgabe für dich machen.

von DerGuenther80, 15

Hast du den Text durch den Google Translator jagen lassen? Das geht ja gar nicht.

Ganz davon abgesehen, was war die genaue Aufgabenstellung für den Aufsatz/das Referat.

von natusxy0, 19

Um den zu korrigieren, müsste man ja Geld verlangen :D Da sind so viele Fehler drin.

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