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Englisch Referat Quali könntet ihr mal ein Blick drauf werfen wär sehr nett =)

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    I become the crisis.It`s fcking perfect.

  • Antwort von verosternchen 22.12.2012

    "the seat is.."???? so deppert kannst du gar nicht sein, oder? bitte sag, das du nicht so deppert bist, und die Leute hier nur verarschenwillst!!! aaaargh.

  • Antwort von cheyenne533 03.07.2011

    Es gibt nur weniges was ich anders schreiben würde: Today I want to give a presentation about Adidas. Adidas is a brand for sportswear Adidas was founded on August 18, 1949 by A ---dolf Dassler. The name is composed of his nickname "Adi" and the first three letters of his surname. The seat is in the Franconian Herzogenauchrach. The group is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world after Nike. In 1920 the Brothers are taking over the shoe Dasler creation of his father. Tthey made shoes for any athlete

    The soccer shoes of Adi Dassler are often used among others with the German football teams. With the victory in the 1954 World Cup, they became world-famous shoes. There were repeated quarrels between the brothers. But after a time was measured once fully Adi Dassler's brother Rudolf was fired because he went regulary on holiday on the company's expense. After he was fired , Rudolf Dassler started his own company PUMA . He was the keenest competition of A dolf Dassler for a long time. Both firms represented many type of shoes for different sports. But Adidas also produced many sporting goods initially football balls

    Through a cooperation with the French brand Le Coq Sportif they also started to make sportswear

    A dolf Dassler died in 1978, by then adidas had become world market leader of sports goods.

    I wonder if addidas produced in low-wage countries in 1980 they came to a wrong position will be economic

    1990 the family sold 80% of their company shares to the French company Bernad Tapie for 1.6 billion French francs which converts to D 470 million mark After the company operated initially as Adidas International Holding GmbH, it was renamed in 1993 in Adidas AG and became a limited company. In 1995, Adidas shares on the stock exchange in Frankfurt were placed.

    In 1997 she took over the company Salomon, but it proved to be business as a lossy Therefore, it was sold in 2005 to undertake an olefinic

    addidas rebbok took over the three largest sporwarenhersteller for 3.1 million

    the trademark is the three stripes and the logo with the leaf which is to symbolize the Olympic spirit of the three links kontienentplatten many stars like Madonna, david beckam RUN DMC and others helped the three stripes trademark to success

    The band Korn came in the first years always with Adidas track suits and brought the out RUN DMC or 1986, they released the song My Adidas The shoe model '`superstar´´. It was very popular in the rap scene.

    Addidas sponsors many footbal teams. Here is a selection of well-known fusball teams:

    FC Bayern, Hamburg SV and Schalke and others International: Real Madrid, AC Milan, Chelsea FC and Liverpool more vile

    many national teams

    Germany, Spain, Argentina, Greece, Mexico,

    The company got fierce criticism because of its production outside Germany. It is located in Southeast Asia and gets accused of exploitation and child labor.

  • Antwort von AwesomeOne95 03.07.2011

    Der erste Satz klingt blöd, nimm lieber: Today, I want to show you my presentation about adidas.

    Sonst finde ich den Text aber ganz gut.

  • Antwort von Baems 03.07.2011

    Today i want give a Presentation about Adidas. Glaube da fehlt ein 'to' nach 'want' :)

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