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Since long time we wanted to spend a day together or rather I wanted it. I was able to persuade Martin, my husband, to go shopping with me. We were standing at the cash register when I saw him suddenly: Giovanni. Giovanni and I were friends in the past, put Martin was in my eyes smarter than Giovanni so I left him. I almost did not recognize him. But then I watched him in his ice-blue eyes and everything was clear. He had lost weight - at least 10 kilos. He had his usual short stubble grow as a full beard. Earlier Martin also had a beard, which I always found irresistible . Today he shaved daily. Six years had now passed and there was still some between Giovanni and me. I could literally feel like my mouth was open. "Hello Sandra," he said in his deep and dangerous voice which I’ve always found great. Martin wanted to prefer to go back , but I was as firmly rooted and stared at Giovanni. I felt that Martin was unsure. "Hello Giovanni ," Martin finally replied in a dry and bored tone . "Long time ago. Great you have become . " It did not surprise me that Martin gave him a spell . That was among the reasons why I decided for Martin when I had the choice . I liked his common sayings , but at this moment I cursed them. But what he said was true. Giovanni had lost not only 10 kilograms he also grown by half the weight. Now he was even bigger than Martin . "Oh Martin ," groaned Giovanni and smiled at me , so his dimples again came to light. Martin had no dimples and inexplicably, I felt the need to touch them . "Still porter as a profession ?" Martin asked as he sneered . The situation was more than unpleasant. I knew how much Giovanni was ashamed of his job as a porter while Martin did carreer with his father as a businessman of LM Real Estate. That was another reason why I chose Martin. "No , I am now a owner of several bars ," Giovanni replied proudly and I found myself , as I was happy for him inside. "How great," Martin said ironically . "You 're welcome to come over time." "No thanks." "Sandra. I said Sandra , " Giovanni added and smiled at me. That was his typical Italian charm , for whom I have always had a weakness . It is this charm it had not then made it easy for me to decide . Giovanni has always been the romantics , while Martin could not even spell the word . And suddenly I was not sure who was the Smarter by both. Before, I was absolutely convinced of Martin, but I just panicked to have chosen me wrong. "Sandra has as well not want it," Martin said to me. But I was too focused on the girl next to Giovanni contrast to say something. The young woman turned to us and patterned us - just like them I. She had perfect Ashy colored short hair and beaming of merriment. "Do you want me not to imagine?" She asked him with her tender voice. "Sandra, this is my wife. Isabell, that's my ex-girlfriend Sandra, "he said, whereupon she looked disgusted at me. "Oh." Giovanni looked at me tortured and suffering, which I almost broke the heart. I did not

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