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referendum (pl. referendums / referenda) = a vote by the electorate on a single question. The result of the referendum dictates the outcome of a particular decision.

to call a referendum / to hold a referendum / to put something to a referendum

When is a referendum usually called? What kind of decision? What’s the difference between a referendum and an election?

sovereignty = the authority of a state to govern itself, supreme power, independence

have sovereignty / give up sovereignty / claim sovereignty / undermine sovereignty / a loss of sovereignty

adj = sovereign, e.g. a sovereign nation, sovereign debt

democratic / undemocratic / anti-democratic / democratic deficit

Is the EU undemocratic? It depends on how you feel about it. It depends on your ideological position. For example, most of the eurosceptics are neo-liberals who believe in the power of free-market economics. They generally don’t like regulation because they believe it goes against the natural process of market forces. They distrust the regulators, and appear to disregard the benefits or purpose of it.

Bureaucracy / bureaucrats / bureaucratic - http://teacherluke.co.uk/2016/06/07/352-brexit-key-vocabulary-and-concepts/

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