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Englisch Aufsatz, Hilfe beim korrigieren?

Hallo zusammen! :3 Ich muss in der Schule einen englisch Aufsatz schreiben. Könnte den jemand mal durchlesen & nach Fehlern suchen? Währe echt lieb! Dankeschön! :)

Short Essay Pain and Suffering

You may know Bob Dylan. He published a song called “Not Dark Yet”. In the second section of the song text he says: “Behind every beautiful thing, there’s some kind of pain”. I reflected on this sentence and I agree with Dylan’s claim. In my opinion this sentence is a remarkable statement. I think every person had pain and suffering in his life. From scraped knees, to bullying, to an event of death in the family.

In some situation in life you must be creative. To give an example, you scraped your knees, but you haven’t got any plasters. Then you must have an emergency solution. Then you are creative. Arnold had a depression. He made lists and drew comics to come over his depression. Another example, your mother loves to sing. Now she died. You remember her when you’re singing. But always when you’re singing, you suffer because you miss her. In my view pain is the basis of all creative. There is even a saying: “Everyone wants happiness, but no one wants pain. But you can’t have a little rainbow without a little rain”.

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Also mein Englischlehrer möchte immer, dass wir anstatt mobbing, bullying verwenden, da mobbing ein deutsches Wort sei. Ansonsten habe ich keine Fehler gefunden.

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"I think every person had pain and suffering in his live"
I think every person has pain and suffering in his life.

Überall das live zu life ändern dann Stimmts

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Oha.. dankeschön! :3

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Joa, ich hab bis jetzt auch keine Fehler gefunden. Super!

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Wenn ich nichts übersehen habe, dann ist alles korrekt.

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"Another example, your mother loved to sing."
Another example, your mother loves to sing.

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