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How am I supposed to know that the distance makes her feel this way? That she's feeling so much?(was willst du mit diesem Satz sagen?) I'm so confused ! I don't know what I should do. She lives so far away. We haven't seen each other for about 2 years. What is she expecting? A relationship via internet? "Funny how the heart can be deceiving.(was willst du damit aussagen?) Why do we fall in love if we know it's not right?" These lines drag me down but I don't know why. Is what I feel for her love? I really don't know. This makes me crazy. She makes me crazy ! She has lost her connection to the reality. She lives in her dream world. She's so naive, but that makes her so special. Yes, I want to cry! This burning hurt inside of my bodywon't stop! (Was damit?)I try to repress my worthless tears. I'm feeling so much right now that I think, I'm feeling nothing ! I go through hell, again and again. I feel so empty. I didn't think I'd miss her so much. I want to fill the space inside of my heart, but it's empty. Maybe we're trying. Trying to hard. Maybe we're torn apart. I'm so empty, but all the miles that separate us disappear when I'm dreaming of her face. I'm here without her, but she is still on my lonley mind. Right from the start I knew that I found a home for my heart, but how can I love when I'm afraid to fall? I think I have to tell her that. I have to see her I should visit her.

Ich hab versucht möglichst wenig zu ändern. (Bei ein paar Sätzen habe ich auch nicht verstanden was du meinst.)
Für Fehler entschuldige ich mich schon einmal im Voraus. 😅

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