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Ein all-in-one-pc oder wie das heißt aufrüsten?

Ja hallo :D, ich hab ne frage, darum bin ich ja hier. Wie kann man ein all-in-one-pc aufrüsten. 1. Es gibt keine schrauben :(

Ist ein Samsung ATIV One 5 Style. Damals war ich zu dumm und wusste nicht von Computer, darum hab ich nen billigen gekauft.

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hier eine Anleitung (engl.) wie man das Gehäuse öffnet:

First, lay the computer screen face down on a table (I put a soft towel down to avoid scratches). Use a thin metal "spudger" (search for "metal spudger open pry tool" on ebay) as your tool to remove the back cover. Starting at the lower right, bottom side of the back of the computer near where it meets the stand (position #1 on the second pic), insert the blade of the spudger about 1/2" deep between the white plastic of the cover and the chrome band of trim at a 45% angle (see first pic). It will take some moderate amount of force to get it in there. Push down on the handle of the spudger to pry open the back of the cover (you'll hear "clicks") and do this all the way around the circumference of the cover to where it ends on the other side of the stand. Go in order of the numbers on the second pic. It's very similar to opening a can of paint with the little paint can opener! I actually used my fingers to slowly pull it open after I had snapped open the bottom right corner - it sort of makes an "unsnapping" sound as you pull off the back cover. Once you have the back cover removed, you have to remove a metal shield that covers the ram slots - this requires a small phillips head screwdriver. There are about 6 or seven screws holding it in place. You must carefully remove the wire wi-fi antenna that is attached to little rubber bumpers on the shield before you can lift the shield off. Be careful to not pull the wi-fi antenna out of it's connectors on the motherboard while doing this.

Getting the back cover back ON the computer took more force than getting it off! You have to press fairly hard with your thumb all the way around the cover, and you'll hear the clicking sounds as the cover snaps back into place.

also Aufrüsten ist grundsätzlich möglich.

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