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Denkt ihr, dass dieser text richtig in englische geschrieben also es geht um mein 2 wöchiges praktikum?

My 2week internship in the period from 07/03 to 18/03/2016 I completed at the Divine Word Bank. I decided, because I then get an insight into working life and new people get to know who can teach me something. The bank consists of 10 areas, from the customer service, the switch at the input, the right bank, the MSC, the managers, wealth management, mortgage lending, the human resources, the corporate service and sales management. The switch was in receipt of the bench on the right and on the left side were 3 rooms of customer care. If one goes by the Bank through, one comes to the direct bank and if the stairs going up to get to the other areas such as human resources, MSC, the managers, wealth management, mortgage lending, the corporate service and sales management. I was active in all areas, since I was allowed to go through each department. My task field was very diverse. In addition to the listen, gather the information and learn the new it was part of my duty, to create an account and to help clients manage their account selections. since there are many account options, either money market account, bonus savings plans, savings account, checking account, saving postage, time deposit, Growth Saving, first have to look to what the customer wants to make, first how much he wants to create, and how long he wants to invest money and how the interest should be. The work went very quickly because I always had to do anything. The internship gave me a lot of fun and helped me for my future career choice. Since I now at least know that a professional at the desk would be nothing for me. I like creativity, I könnte.Außerdem not used in this profession was the working climate in practice just very helpful and courteous.In any case, this internship has given me a useful insight into the profession of banking. It was a very positive experience for me.

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