Daten bei Opskins nötig?

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Kommentar von SchokoKeksTeig
23.02.2016, 20:04

Wenn ich auf meinem Account klicke sind an diesen Punkten rote Sterne und Opskins schreibt das: 

* = billing information required for purchases
We require all information marked with a * before you will be able to make purchases. In order to pay for large purchases of wallet funds with PayPal, and to cash out wallet funds for Bitcoin, you must be whitelisted. Please read through the requirements carefully to avoid delays in purchases or cashouts.

To be whitelisted for Bitcoin cashouts or large PayPal purchases: All of the above information is required. You must also upload identification documents (see below).

The requirements for identification documents are:





of a government issued photo ID such as a passport or drivers license.Two




of official documents that show your name and the address you filled in your customer profile. Acceptable examples include:Shipping labelsUtility billsLetters from a school or bank

Note: We do NOT accept scanned documents, blurry or low resolution photos, screenshots, web-based documents or multiple documents from the same source.

Please note that if you change any of this information after you are whitelisted, you will be removed from the whitelist and you will need to submit another request to be whitelisted with your updated information. If you are not whitelisted, you will not be able to make large purchases with PayPal or cashout for Bitcoin. If you do not upload the correct information, you will not be whitelisted.

Kommentar von asdundab
23.02.2016, 20:08

Das mit dem Perso musst du nur machen, wenn du große Geldbeträge mit Bitcoin oder PayPal zahlen willst. Steht da im übertragenem Sinne. Das Andere brauchst du immer