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Dark Souls 3 Artorias in the new DLC?

Does anybody knows something about a comeback of the great knight Artorias in the new dlc's in dark souls 3.His Armor and his sword are still in Ds3 u can also get the Shield his rings and u get the Soul of a Wolf blood from the Abyss watchers.It would be cool to make a comeback of the most epic and famous dark souls charakter.

von 2TheMoriarty9, 7

he died in didn't see him in ds 2 only way this could happen would be if the dlc would take place in the past...but i strongly believe that the dlc will be about the history of londor....

Kommentar von ArtoriasWolf ,

Hmmm you are right there could be something about the history of londor but dont forget we are getting 2 DLC's 

Kommentar von 2TheMoriarty9 ,

2? i thought bandai said there will be 3......mhhh...but i seriously think there won't be something about artorias...ds3 takes place in a completely different era...the only "relics" of this time are the abysswatchers...

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