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Ich habe "Before you start a war you better know what you fighting for",von The Cab aus Angel with a shotgun.

"When nothing is real you are my truth",von Skillet What I Believe.

"When I'm down on my knees you are what I Believe",auch aus dem gleichen Lied.

"Take me to the beginning",auch davon.

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Was magst du denn für Genres? ^^ ich hab momentan 'every night of my life, i watch angels fall fom the sky, everytime the sun still sets, i pray they don'tt take mine.'

Diamond Eyes - Shinedown

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Kommentar von Marshl
19.02.2016, 21:50

Oder kürzer 'All gave some, Some gave all' Rise Against


Who will love you, who will fight? And who will fall far behind? Birdy, Skinny Love

Don't listen to a word I say, my screams all sound the same. Of Mosters and Men, Little Talks

But you see, it's not me, it's not my familiy, in my head, in my head they are fighting.Cranberry, Zombie

You're in the arms of an angel, may you find some comfort here. Sarah McLachlan, Angel

Im Ganzen finde ich auch "Astronaut" gut - einfach mal den Songtext durchlesen und das Video anschauen.

I used to be a lover, now I'm a hater. XOV, Lucifer

We are the world's people, different yet we're the same. We believe, we believe in a dream. Polina Gaganova, A million voices 

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“Wenn dir der geröstete Panda nicht schmeckt, lass liegen“ - “So what you waiting for, tell me what you waiting for. Don't stand by and deny it“ - “CHEESE NACHO BABY“ :D

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