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brauch ne übersetzung/ bin so schlecht in englsih T?

This Chapter begins in the library where Amy is thinking about what has happened. We get to know that in a Japanese Camp she has learned, besides other things, that being female means being a chameleon adapting the boy you are dating with. Moreover she does not want to be bad to be demoted because its not her way of living. That all makes her felling trapped by others just like her father or even Adam. Later, at lunchtime, she searches Adam and finds out that he is in the back of the row just because being an orange. After she has taken her food she sits down on a table with him, Justin, Melissa and some others. As Justin wants to answer Melissa’s question about the armbands and several other things Amy gets angry and remembers him of her superiority. But he does not want to follow her instructions and so gets into trouble with Brian a G4 so that Amy regrets a little that she is responsible for this. Moreover Brian remembers Amy to stop socializing with an Orange like Adam. So she is a little depressed but Adam promises to call her.While she is await of that call in the afternoon she thinks about seeing Adam when she is going to tutor his sister Bettina. When he calls her they are talking about what happened in school and Adam has to admit that it does not feel good to be in so a low position and several other things related with the game and their relationship.

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Ein gutes Wörterbuch wie wird dir helfen.

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Ja das kann ich dir auch empfehlen! Außerdem lernst du Viel mehr wenn du die Wörter nach schlägSt die du nicht kennst glaub mir auch wenn es ein bisschen Arbeit ist !

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Ich schließe mich adabei an und füge hinzu: GF ist kein Gratis-Übersetzungsbüro. 

Gruß, earnest

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