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Bitte um Korrektur und Verbesserungsvorschläge. Danke im voraus!?

Dear Katie, I have became your letter and I will quickly try to help you. I understand that your little sister is annoying, but your little sister loves you a lot and wants to be by you. If I were you, I would sometimes play with her, nevertheless she must learn to spend her time alone. I think you should talk with your younger sister and tell her what is your problem with her. Also you have to explain her, that you love she, but you cannot spend all your time to her, because you have your own live. Its not good if you tell her , that you hate she. Its better to say "I love You, but I need time for my own and my friends." If your sister doesn't understand you, you should talk with your mother about your problem. Perhaps she can perceive and help you. Yours, Agony Aunt

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I got your letter
Will try to help you quickly
Is annoying you
She wants to be with you
Play with her sometimes
Spend her time for herselves
Tell her what your Problem is
You also have to
That you love her
Spend all your time with her
Your own life
That you hate her
Need time for myself
Doesn't understand this

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danke! Klingt gut.

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