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bitte helft ich hab den geguckt der text unten ist vom film "beim leben meiner Schwester " könnte mir jemand das in seinen worte auf deutsch übersetzen ?

Seasoned filmmaker Nick Cassavetes teams up with screenwriter Jeremy Leven to create a feature film narrative from Jodi Picoult’s novel My Sister’s Keeper. Picoult’s familiarity with the legal system helps to intricately unravel controversial storylines with sharp plots noted in her acclaimed novels. Cassavetes and Leven succeed in stopping short of Picoult’s written description of an inconceivable twist of gallantry in her account of My Sister’s Keeper. But they eloquently develop the emotional ordeal of Picoult’s exposé of how one family chooses to love a child/sibling dying of leukemia.

The charming middle-age couple Sara (Cameron Diaz) and Brian (Jason Patric) Fitzgerald, along with their three children, 14-year-old Kate (Sofia Vassilieva), 13-year-old Jesse (Evan Ellingson) and 11-year-old Anna (Abigail Breslin) appear to be the perfect loving family who choose to engage in each others lives. They enjoy, care for and protect each other. The protection part is put to the test when the leukemia in Kate’s body is no longer in remission but accelerating rapidly. Sara and Brian have done everything in their power to prolong her life since she was diagnosed with the illness as a small child. Neither Sara nor Brian nor Jesse would ever be a match for blood or organ donors to keep Kate alive; therefore, the Fitzgeralds create the perfect donor child, Anna, in order to assist Kate’s medical needs on demand. It works wonderfully until, at the age of eleven, Anna sues her parents for the rights to her own body. In an effort to protect her sister, Anna draws on the help of brother Jesse and the town’s sleazy lawyer (Alec Baldwin), because the next operation could potentially be detrimental to Anna’s future as well as Kate’s. Anna’s wit and charisma forces the family to reconcile with the realities of death and dying on the home front by using the confines of the courtroom as a catalyst to speak the truth in love and observe the law to produce justice. (Karen Pecota)

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Was kriege ich denn dafür? Ist ja nun nicht gerade wenig.

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was willst du dafür? aber also die geschichte in deinen worten fassen

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