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Bitte Englischreferat überprüfen ( Verbesserungen, Grammatik, Rechtschreibung)?

Hallo Ihr Lieben, wir sollen in Englisch ein Referat zum Thema " Where I want to go on vacation" halten, und dabei nicht mit " Today I would like to tell you somehing about.." anfangen , sondern mit einem Rätsel, bild oder sonst irgendwas. Ich würde euch ganz doll bitten, es zu Überprüfen ( Verbesserungsvorschläge   Erwünscht)Es sollte 3-5 min lang sein ( und ich bin in der 7. , falls es jemanden interessiert :)

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Hey Guys, do you know any states of the US which start with M?Yes, there are Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri and Mississippi.

I will later talk about one of them, which is my holiday destination ,but first I need to tell you a story of a friendship, which is very important for me.I've got an American friend. Her name is (Name) , she comes from Texas and she is 15 years old. She lived in the house beside us for 4 years, but now she's back in the United States. She was my best friend during the time she was in Germany, and were still in contact, but unfortunatley only with facebook, mobile phone or letters. ( BILD)

I miss her every day and it would be like a dream for me, if I could visit her in her new home. Now we come back to the states with M, because her new home is Mississippi.I don't now whether you know something about Mississippi, so here are some centralized facts:Mississippi is one of the southern states. Its capital city is Jackson, in which about 170.00 people live .My friend lives in Hattiesburg, it's more to the south and also a bigger city with about 50.00 people . In Mississippi, like in every other State of the US, you pay with dollars .( Dollar zeigen)The first thing I would do in Mississippi, is buying lots of crunch n' munch in a supermarket. This is popcorn with plenty caramel and peanuts . for me , it tastes simply incredibly. But of course , later I would do some sightseeing, because there are also great places of interest in Mississippi. If you want culture and softdrinks for example, you can go to the Coca - cola Museum in Vicksburg, where you can see pictures of Joe Biedenharn , who filled the drink for the first time in bottles.Also there is the Automobile museum of Tupelo, in the North- eastern part of Mississippi. This is a place, were I would really like to go to, because I love Classic Cars like the VW Käfer or an Citroen CV2.Tupelo is also famous ,because Elvis presly was born there. Definitely I would spend most of the time with Kenya and her Two dogs, Zoie and Pepsi Cola,and try the difference between German and American food. Even If you go to Atlanta or somewhere else, I think whole America is wonderful, and a great Holiday destiantion for everyone.

With this, I would like to finish my presentation. I hope you liked it and thank you for your attention. Does anybody have any questions ?

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Am Anfang: I would like to talk later..... Dann "I have to tell you a story of.... She is from Texas/ She lives in... [...] in the house next to us. only on facebook.... I could visit her at her house. Jackson is the capital city of.... Weiter habe ich nicht gemacht. Kleiner Tipp: Das hört sich sehr nach einem Deutschen an. Versuch nicht Wort für Wort zu übersetzten. Du sagst ja auch nicht für den Klassenzimmertürschlüssel, classroomdoorkey, sonderen classroom key oder einfach nur key :) LG

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Brauchst Du immer noch Hilfe? Wenn ja, korrigiere ich Dir den Text komplett.

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Hey, sorry für die späte Rückmeldung, hat sich erledigt, trotzdem vielen dank.:)

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