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Bitte englischen Text verbessern?

Ich weiß, mein Englisch ist wirklich schlecht, allerdings würde ich gerne wissen, wo meine Fehler liegen und würde mich freuen, wenn mir jemand meinen Text verbessern kann. Vielen Dank für Eure Mühe und Hilfe.

The USA, the country of the boundless possibilities. However, what does this country make so irresistible? In a country where the Fastfood chains can sprout only thus from the ground and one at the supermarket, for example, deep chill pizza or Chicken Wings in one single packet shop it seems astonishing a little that one would not like to wait up to the lunch to be allowed to do the fatteners, finally, in himself hineinstopfen. To satisfy the desire of the consumers and to be able to feed the hungry mouths generally approximately, for example, McDonald's offers nearly all Junkfood paradise to 24 hours of castle-service and advertise on the menu map already dripping before fat even with special (and absolutely particularly there recover) breakfast creations. Besides, the Americans very are a sports fan. Sport takes a high value within the American society – as an active or spectator. Who would like to recover and be relaxing, goes fishing walk, go hunting, or drive boat. For the Americans fairness, team spirit and discipline are very important what is shown in the sports basketball, baseball, hockey, football and lacrosse impressively. American football is, for example, the sport with long tradition. One could call America the country of many laws. If one looks at the default which results partially still from the old time, one could mean, America is a country which has stopped in the 16th century.

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Unterschreibe das einfach mit:
"Google Translator"
und gib es ab, dann bekommt auch derjenige die Note 6, der die Arbeit erledigt hat.

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