Frage von alialm,

Bitte diesen Text in Simpel Past umwandeln.?

Bitte wenn möglich diesen Text in Simpel past umwandeln und zwar nur die Wörter die ich Groß geschrieben Habe.

This is the story of Tony Baxter. Tony IS 16 when he LEAVES the school. He DOES an apprenticeship as a mechanic with a big transport firm. Tony FINISHES his apprenticeship and STARTS his first fully paid job. But two years later, Tony LOSES his job. He IS unemployed for nine months. But then, one morning, his girfriend TELLS him about a job with a bus company. She GIVES him the address and phone number of the company and he PHONES them. They MAKE an appointment for an interview. Tony FEELS very exited when he GOES to the interview. But when he ARRIVES, a secretary TAKES him to a small room, PUTS a 72-page questionnaire into his hand, and LEAVES him. The questions ARE silly, like Who made the first beer mat? or `Who was the director of the Delhi-Calcutta.? Tony KNOWS none of the answers. Two hours later. the secretary COMES back and TAKES him to an office where three people with masks READ his questionnaire and TELL him he IS an idiot. Then one of them TAKES off her mask and LAUGHES. It IS Tony's girlfriend. The whole thing IS a crazy joke. The boss of the firm IS her cousin. Tony GETS the job.

Danke in Voraus

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von quixi,

Möchtest du einfach nur die Verben ins Simple Past gesetzt haben?

=> was, left, did, finished, started, lost, was, told, gave, phoned, made, felt, went, arrived, took, put, left, were, knew, came, took, read, told, was, took, laughed, was, was, was, got.


von alialm,

Ich habe es schon ich möchte es nur korrigieren den dieser Text soll in test dran kommen und ich will mir 100 % sicher sein das es auch richtig lerne also ich will das ihr z.b ein satzt steht: He DID (does) an apprenticeship. Also ihr könnt den text kopieren und die Großbuchstaben in simpel past umwandeln ich will ja net das ihr den Ganzen text umwandeln das wäre zuviel des guten danke schon mal in voraus

von filler15,

Hier macht doch keiner für dich die Hausaufgaben!

Kommentar von quixi ,

Zwei Minuten Arbeit und wenn er's selber können muss und nicht kann, ist er's doch selbst Schuld ;)

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