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BestFiends wo sind die Eier 7 und 11?

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Easter Egg Hunt 2016 Answers

1. (Gold) when you first start the game

2. (Multi/ with ears) Kwincy's gold shop, tap Kwincy

3. (Black/White) Brittle's Dimond Store

4. (Black/White) fan page

5. (Pink/Sprinkle) rare fiends page, move to Karma

6. (Pink/ Stars) use a key

7. (Pink/White) energy shop when full

8. (Black/Wayne)Kwincy info page

9. (Multi color) language page

10. (Orange/Multi) Fiend quest page

11. (Tye dye) credits page

12. (Red/Gold/G.S.) lose a game and tap on Jojo


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