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Audi A4 2012?

I am considering buying a 2012 A4 as my first Audi. I love the car - its beautiful. Test drove it and got prices 14000 euros.

I am sure this question has come up numerous times on these forums and others but I couldnt really find exactly what I was looking for - plus these models are new so maybe something has changed.

My concern is the reliability issues I keep reading about. Most forums and reviews talk about awful maintenance costs and many little problems that pop up here and there which require servicing.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I cannot find much information regarding NEW Audis - usually these reports are around buying used Audis. Furthermore, most of these reports are dealing with older years - pre-2009's.

My question to you guys is: Are the 2012's any more reliable than the older 08's and below? How much more expensive is it to maintain than say an Infiniti G25x (which is my other option at the moment)?

Since I am buying, I am really more worried about the car falling apart after the warranty runs out, which in my case will be after 4 years since I wont be driving the car enough to pass the mileage cap. After year 4, will I be spending a ton of money to keep the car running?


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