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Johnny Cash's first number -one Hit ( I Walk The Line ) in a sense was written backward. One night while he was stationed in Germany, Johnny then in the Air Force, discovered that his buddies had borrowed his reel-to-reel tape recorder. When he turned it on, he heard a haunting, organ-like sound. In Truth, it was guitar runs recorded with a tape running one direction and played back in the other. When he got back in the States, Johnny married and found success with ( Cry, Cry, Cry ) and ( Hey Porter ) but he never forgot that melody. In a Gladewater , Texas, dressing room he was sharing with tour partner Carl Perkins, Johnny played his backward tune. What are you doing there sounds like a hit to me, Carl said. Johnny with the Temptations outside his door and a new wife at home, wanted the lyrics to say, I’m going to be true to those who believe in me and depend on me to myself and God. Something like I’m still being true, or I’m ( Walking The Line ) . The lyrics came as fast as I could write, Says Johnny. "In 20 minutes, I had it finished". He recorded the song for Sun Records in 1956. But producer Sam Phillips pleading, he also recorded a faster version. When Johnny heard it, he begged Sam not to release any more copies. I thought it was horrible, he says. Country Fan’s loved it. The Song topped Billboards country charts for six weeks and peaked at number 17 on pop charts

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